What is the aims and objective of MANMP?

  1. To assist the ministry of health, upon request, in the strengthening and integrating health services.
  2. To provide or assist upon request of WONM (World Organization of Natural Medicine) and provide natural and traditional healthcare services to target Groups in Malaysia and other parts of the world.
  3.  To promote in co-operation with other specialized agencies, scientific and professional groups in Malaysia the knowledge of natural healthcare, particularly in nutrition, sanitation and other aspects of environmental hygiene.
  4.  To foster activities in the wellness, especially those affecting the harmony of human relation.
  5. To promote, improve standards of teaching in natural medicine and integrated health related professions.
  6. To assist in developing an informed public opinion among all people in matters of wellness.


Who is eligible for membership of MANMP ?

  • Honorary Membership :

Must be a Malaysian Citizen above the age of 21 who has significantly contributed to the development of natural healthcare and medicine in Malaysia. This member does not have voting during the general meeting.

  • Ordinary Membership :

Must be Malaysian citizen above the age of 21 who is actively involved in the natural healthcare and medicine industry. He has voting rights during the General Meetings.

  • Practicing Membership :

Must be Malaysian citizen above the age of 21 who has acquired acceptable professional qualification to practice natural healthcare and medicine. He has voting rights during General Meetings.


 MANMP Brochure

MANMP Application Form